Using SBE 2010 R2 to Backup a Live Hyper-V Client

If you already have an SBE 2010 R2, you can already backup your live Hyper-V virtual machine (VM) clients without necessarily upgrading to SBE 2012. To do this, you will need an Agent for Microsoft Hyper-V for SBE 2010 R2.

Assuming that you have installed this agent on your SBE 2010 R2, the steps below will show you how to live backup your VM. If you are using an SBE 2012, you can follow the instructions here.

  1. Go to Job Setup.
  2. Under Backup Tasks, click on New Job. A Backup Job Properties page will pop out.
  3. Under Source, click on Selections. On the View by Resource tab, navigate to All Resources -> Microsoft Hyper-V -> Virtual Machines. Click on the “+” signs to collapse the views (see Image 1).
    Navigate to virtual machines
  4. Click to check the VM clients you will backup (refer back to Image 1).
  5. Next, under Settings, click Microsoft Hyper-V. Configure your preferred settings (See Image 2).
    • If you do not have RAWS installed on a target client VM, uncheck the “Use Backup Exec Granular Recovery Technology (GRT)…” to avoid job log warnings (“Completed with exceptions.”) when you run a job.

    Settings for virtual machines

  6. Configure your other settings, like Schedule. Finally, click Run Now to save the job.

As providers of managed IT services in Chicago, our clients who already use SBE 2010 R2 just need to have an Agent for Hyper-V to create and easily backup their own private clouds.