Showcasing our partners’ products

We have added a few more pages to our website. In these pages, we show our partners, their products, and how we think this partnership is beneficial to our clients.

We initially feature two of our partners – Barracuda Networks, and Fujitsu.

Barracuda Networks provides powerful yet affordable range of security and networking products and services. With their products, MIS Technology can capably perform managed and unmanaged IT services we provide to our clients.

Barracuda Networks offers three solutions to help clients regain control of their computer networks: Security solutions, Application Delivery solutions, and Data Protection solutions.

Its Security solutions offer advanced security for email, web, application and network threats. It Application Delivery solutions improve application performance and employee productivity. While its Data Protection solutions protect critical data while achieving regulation and litigation compliance.

You can choose each solution either as hardware appliance, as virtual service, or as cloud service. For each hardware appliance, you can choose from many models according to your company’s needs – models for a small business to a large enterprise.

Fujitsu, on the other hand, provides top quality and latest computer products for your business needs, that we bring to Chicago, Illinois. Fujitsu is the world’s third largest IT service provider, and among the top five providers of servers.

Among their products are servers, storage solutions, desktop PCs and workstations, notebooks, tablets and slate PCs, scanners, point-of-sale hardware and peripherals, self-checkout systems, OEM products, software, and computer accessories.

Learn more about these products, or contact us.