ERP Consulting Services

One of the most important decisions a growing company can make is the introduction of new technology into its business.  There are so many things to think about when considering an ERP implementation that it can be overwhelming.  Over the years we have seen successes and (sadly) a few failures of ERP implementations.  You can trust MIS Technology to spend the time to get to know your business, to understand all of your needs and then recommend the right software for your business.

Here’s our process:

We help you define measurements of success

Before starting any project, you should know how to measure success in terms of saving money by streamlining operations, increasing revenues, increasing market share… Measurements of success act as a motivator for staff during the implementation, help keep the project on track and focus effort on attaining important business objectives.

We help you understand existing business process and seek opportunities for business process improvement

Until you have understood the existing business process, you are not ready. Employees may not know that what they are doing is atypical. Roll up your sleeves and talk to the people who do the work. Remember the devil is in the details. Along the way, your added value may be in identifying ways to improve business process. Every problem is an opportunity in the new system.

We help you clarify the definition of your requirements

The more ambiguous the requirement, the more interpretation in whether a particular vendor meets the requirement. You need to be precise so that you can compare apples to apples.

We don’t waste your time on basic functionality

Systems have matured to the point where the basics are done well. Focus only on the requirements that are unique or could vary by vendor.

We help you prioritize

Not all requirements are created equally. Use a numbering system such as “5” for critical, “4” for high, “3” for medium, “2” for low, “1” for N/A. If you have mostly “5”s, there is something wrong.

We help you get employee involvement

We recognize the significant amount of employee knowledge and the potential contribution of the employees. Unfortunately, the knowledge is typically in the heads of the employees and care must be taken to include their input. At the same time, you are effectively including them in the process and securing their buy-in for the process.

We help you assign an internal champion

An internal champion should be allocated to the project. Even the most difficult projects can become successful when you have an internal champion who is ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done. It is best to assign the internal champion at the beginning of the system selection project to ensure their commitment and agreement with the system selected.

We help you manage the risks

We seek out potential risks, their impact, and their likelihood of occurring. Encourage all interested parties to develop strategies to mitigate the risks. Every organization has at least one naysayer, who can cause a lot of problems, but who is also very knowledgeable. The naysayers must be included in the risk management process. By getting their input early, you can avoid problems and you effectively limit their negativity.