Custom Programming Services

Out-of-the-box solutions and applications do not always work the way your business want these to work. Our custom programming services will make your solutions and applications deliver what you need the way you want it.

Get involved in the whole process. Join us in the conceptualization, review and critique during the development phase, and pre-test the product. Receive product support after finalization.

ERP Programming for SAP Business One and Sage MAS Solutions

We customize your ERP solution to fit your business needs. Let us help you identify and choose the types of data you need, organize your data, and integrate these into your solution. Confused what data are needed, and which data goes where? Leave the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes programming to us, just tell us what you want to see on your forms and reports.

You can have your data migrated from your old to your new ERP solution. You can have us prepare everything before you actually switch solutions, making your transition smooth and painless, without affecting your business hours and operations.

We can create all the forms and reports that you need to run your business smoothly, efficiently, and productively. Your data entry forms can be created containing data fields you need, presented the way you want it, and used the way you prefer it. Your reports can be programmed showing want you want to see, the way you want it organized, when you want it, in the applicable document format that you want.

Training sessions can be provided to your people on how to use your solution.

Website Programming

Does your business want to have your own website, that makes you more visible online, that you can update and manage on your own, and hosted on your own server?

MIS Technology develops database-driven, dynamic websites with an administrative area. With this content management system, you can manage your website on your own, with minimal technical knowledge needed, creating new web pages transparently and on-the-fly.

These websites come optimized for online searches, making your business easier to find on the web. Your business’ social networks can be integrated into your website, adding to your business’ visibility online.

More so, you can have your own website hosted on your own servers, further securing your company data, and maximizing your existing hardware while reducing your costs.

Database Programming

Using databases are the best way to store, manage and retrieve your business’ all-important data. We can install your database servers for you. You can have your data migrated data from your old to your new database servers.

Furthermore, we can help you create and configure your databases. You can let us create custom SQL reporting tools and applications to help you review your figures better, to aid your decision-making processes, and thus manage your business better.

We can even link your database to your ERP solutions, and back up your ERP data.

Windows Applications

Need to have a software application for your business, but could not find anything like it on the shelf? We can build your Windows applications according to your specifications. Your application can be built from scratch using Microsoft programming technologies, integrate a database into it if needed, and provide administrative backend for management if needed.

We can provide user guides and training sessions on the use of your product.

Drop us a line, and let’s discuss your custom programming needs.