SBE backup to a network share on a remote USB HDD

What to do when you want to back up to an external (USB) hard disk on a remote server inside your local network?

SBE does not accept a mapped drive. You will need to access it as a network share.

 Create a network share on the destination server’s external hard disk

  1. Create a folder on the external hard disk.
  2. Configure Network and Sharing and share this folder to specific people. To do this, right click on the folder -> Share with -> Specific people.
  3. Add accounts, e.g. the administrator account. Make sure that the permission level is Read/Write.
  4. Click Share.

Install SBE agent to the destination server

  1.  From the source server (where SBE is installed), install RAWS to the destination server. To do this, open SBE -> Tools -> Install Agents and Media Server on Other Servers.

Change SBE Server services credentials

  1. If SBE Server services is running as local system, change to a domain administrator account. To do this, open SBE -> Tools -> Backup Exec Services.
  2. Click “Services credentials” button.
  3. On the new dialog box, click the “Change service account information”. Fill in user name, domain name, and password. Click OK.
  4. Click “Restart all services” button. After this process, click Close.

Configure SBE access to network shares

  1. To be able to access network shares, go to Tools -> Options.
  2. Under Job Defaults, click Network and Security.
  3. Click “Enable selection of user shares”.

Create new device which uses network share

  1. Under Devices, you can now create a new Backup-to-Disk folder utilizing the network share. Just type the UNC address of the network share.