Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing provides extended manufacturing production order capabilities to SAP Business One. Advanced Manufacturing is ideal for companies looking to track the detailed costs and production processes during the assembly or production of work orders. Production-oriented organizations can now flexibly and easily manage their labor and material costs using touch screen and bar code collection devices each step of the way on the shop floor.

Companies looking to lower their operational and engineering cost, and improve quality control of job-related and production-based orders will find Advanced Manufacturing to be a valuable addition to SAP Business One. Advanced Manufacturing allows the tracking of detailed production routing steps, job progress scheduling, and job costing with all labor overhead and materials used.

Advanced Manufacturing allows SAP Business One users to create a production order right from the sales order screen. It also automatically determines the estimated delivery date in order to set correct expectations.

Advanced Manufacturing provides revision control for engineering changes. An item can be flagged as being under revision control with effective dates. You can review history, or create a new revision. Item revision can be specified on the sales/purchase order, which flows to deliveries/receipts.

Product Features

Job Costing, Scheduling and Planning

•  Extends Business One Production Orders (PdO’s)
•  Make to Stock -Supports MRP, Effectivity Date
•  Make to Order – Link SO Line to PdO
•  Support Projects through to Production Order
•  Routing, Operations and Work Centers
•  Labor, Overhead, Outside Services
•  Process Labor ‘Time Cards’
•  Buy Direct – Link PO’s to PdO’s
•  Make Direct- (Link sub PdO’s to PdO’s)
•  Production Scheduling
•  Finite Capacity Planning

ECN & Revision Control

• Integrate BOM’s to Agile Document Management

Data Collection

•  Bar Code, Keyboard or Touch screen
•  Back Flush Materials by Operation
•  Production Status Tracking

Quality Management

•  Collect Quality Data on the Shop Floor
•  Record Scrap at Operation and Rework
•  Receiving Inspection & MRB


•  Drag & Relate
•  XL Reporter Dashboards
•  Shop Traveler, Shop Dispatch, WIP, Job Cost
•  Resource Loading, Scrap Analysis, etc.
•  Export/lmport to MS Project