Advanced Inventory

Advanced Inventory provides extended inventory planning and warehouse management capabilities to SAP Business One. Advanced Inventory is the key to higher profitability by making the entire enterprise more efficient. It is for wholesalers and distributors looking to better manage inventory and customer expectations while drastically improving warehouse and ordering accuracy and efficiency.

Product Overview

In today’s competitive marketplace, wholesalers and distributors must create a competitive advantage. Most differentiate themselves by excelling at customer service and keeping prices competitive.

Excelling at customer service involves many factors. Avoiding stock-outs while not investing in slow moving inventory is only part of the equation, Fast delivery, effective returns handling, proactive complaint handling and properly managing customer expectations are all vital for that competitive edge.

Maintaining competitive pricing while maintaining sufficient margins are every day realities. Consequently wholesalers and distributors must optimize their stock holding and effectively streamline internal processes, from sales to shipping and from purchasing to warehouse management. Making these changes is the key in obtaining higher profitability.

Product Features

  • Forecasting. Know how much to order and when. Base Forecast on historical data and “what if’ projections. Forecast for seasonal and slow moving items. Automatically computes forecasts for purchasing, production and any inventory item stocked.
  • Available To Promise (ATP). Automatically tells sales people the earliest fulfillment date to set proper expectations with the customer.
  • Inventory Status Screen. Gives all the inventory details you need to quickly and easily make inventory-related decisions. See demand levels, lead time, vendor history, and committed items all at one glance.
  • Inventory Transfers. Know exactly where all inventory is located even when it is in transit to another location. Generates a paper trail on all inventory moves.
  • Container Tracking. Enables companies to ramp up their logistics functions to world-class levels at low costs. Complete visibility of all items and containers from the time of loading until the actual receipt at the other end.
  • Up-Sells & Cross-Sells. Generate more revenue with reminders of product up-sale and cross-sale opportunities.
  • Inventory Mins and Maxes. Save time by having Distribution One calculate optimal Mins and Maxes for any item in inventory. Improves asset management and spend control.
  • Integration with Bin Management, Bar Code Data Collection & Shipping.