JobOps Job Management

Product Configurator

Configuration Tools Help Streamline Processes

You are in the business of providing custom products and services, so you need tools that help you deliver the widest range of product configurations possible. This flexibility is critical in winning competitive bids and growing your customer base. Accurately estimating the materials and resources required is a crucial step in costing and quoting a job — mistakes here directly impact the job’s profitability. Product Configurator powered by JobOps provides users with automated tools for accurately quoting available options for custom jobs so that they can be completed to exact customer specifications.

Enhanced Scheduling

Enhanced Scheduling Keeps Jobs on Track

Your business needs to provide timely turnaround and reliable delivery dates on its products and services — so scheduling is critical. Without the ability to proactively manage the overall schedule of  jobs, delays are inevitable. Your business depends on getting the product to customers without compromise, so you need a more powerful scheduling tool. Enhanced Scheduling powered by JobOps puts you in the driver’s seat by delivering flexible management-by-exception tools that show you where jobs are in the schedule. This lets you focus on scheduling and resource utilization with higher precision and better results.Time Tracker

Real-Time Data Collection

You’re in the business of providing custom product and services, and in doing so you must often perform multiple tasks with limited resources. Data collection is an important function that helps you reach your goal in delivering jobs on time and within budget, driving profitability. Since both time and materials have heavy costs associated with them, the ability to accurately track them is critical to your bottom line. Time Tracker powered by JobOps provides users with automated tools for accurately entering time on work tickets so that jobs can be completed quickly and profitably. Organizations will also benefit from many automated features that allow time and labor to be tracked and applied to their associated jobs.e-Business Manager

Better Access for Customers, Employees and Partners to Jobs

When your business works in a collaborative way with customers, corporate, field personnel and partners, you benefit from the ability to complete jobs faster and more accurately. If your business depends on this close collaboration you’ll want to consider making Internet access to jobs a high priority. e-Business powered by JobOps and Sage e-Business Manager provides fast, secure internet access to critical job-related data for customers, employees and partners. The integration is simple to use and transparent to users, letting you leverage the internet to get jobs done on-time and more profitably.

Field Service & Dispatch

Integrated Field Service Solution

When your field service needs to stand above the rest, you need the integrated Field Service & Dispatch powered by JobOps and industry-leading Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200. This comprehensive solution delivers more than limited import/export tool or standalone products by giving you complete end-to-end functionality from service requests to billing. Start today by streamlining your services with our fully integrated solution. With Field Service & Dispatch powered by JobOps you’ll be able to manage your work orders with ease, track costs, dispatch employees and increase your overall profitability.