Sage BusinessWorks Order Entry

When it comes to selling, it helps to have as much information about the customer and your products as possible. With the Order Entry module for Sage BusinessWorks Accounting, your company’s sales staff can easily access a variety of useful customer information, including past purchase histories, shipping addresses, credit card information, and much more. In addition, Order Entry can be set up to alert your sales staff when a customer exceeds a credit limit. A hold can then be put on the order until the customer’s standing with your organization improves. All this while processing quotes, sales orders, and invoices! Simply put, Sage BusinessWorks Order Entry can increase sales efficiency and, in turn, lead to greater success.

Sage BusinessWorks Inventory Control

Successful, well-organized businesses rely heavily on their inventory management system to make certain they have adequate inventory levels to satisfy their customers. The Inventory Control module for the Sage BusinessWorks Accounting system provides this level of control by offering high-end features normally reserved for large companies, including: light manufacturing capabilities; serial number tracking; and multi-warehouse support. The module even has an image library feature that allows you to attach a picture to each part. Improved customer service leads to increased profitability. And, when integrated with our Accounts Receivable and Order Entry modules, Inventory Control can significantly boost your customer service levels while operating as the cornerstone of an effective manufacturing or distribution solution. For more complex project management, Inventory Control can be coupled with the Job Cost module to help track all inventory-related expenses for a project.

Sage BusinessWorks Purchase Order

Managing inventory cycles and maintaining adequate stock levels can be complex processes without the right management tools. When used in conjunction with Accounts Payable, the Inventory Control module contains extensive purchase order features designed to help you maintain accurate inventory records and streamline your purchasing processes.

Built to save you time and ensure that you never run out of key items, purchase orders can be automatically generated when your on-hand quantity falls below a specified minimum level. Send purchase orders by e-mail to your vendors to ensure timely delivery of key inventory items. Numerous reports are available to help you make informed purchasing decisions including an Order Recommendation report. Receipt of goods will automatically adjust inventory quantities, producing a Back Order Fill report that can be printed in Order Entry, and aid you in making informed sales order fulfillment decisions.

Sage BusinessWorks ACT! Link

In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is of paramount importance to cultivate and maintain the best possible customer and vendor relationships. To help you achieve that goal, Sage Software has teamed two of its leading applications, ACT! by Sage and Sage BusinessWorks, to provide a well-rounded solution that will help you maintain customer loyalty and vendor responsiveness. With comprehensive receivables and payables functionality at your disposal, you will have the tools to enjoy profitable customer and vendor relationships for the long term.

With the Sage BusinessWorks ACT! Link, you are assured of seamless integration that will help your company achieve greater efficiency and productivity. For instance, users operating within ACT! can issue sales orders, perform customer inquiries, or view detailed orders and invoices. In effect, the two products allow you to connect the two halves of your business—your front office, which includes your sales force, and the heart of your business, your accounting system.

Sage BusinessWorks StarShip Freight Manifesting

To achieve and maintain strong customer loyalty, it’s essential to get your inventory in the hands of your paying customers as quickly and economically as possible. Sage BusinessWorks allows you to do just that with the StarShip freight manifest system. StarShip makes the entire shipping process more fluid and helps your company become a more competitive distributor. Plus, it even has the potential to reduce shipping and shipping-related expenses.