Sage BusinessWork General Ledger

The Sage BusinessWorks General Ledger module is the heart of our business accounting solution and is our most powerful module. Combining flexibility with ease of use, General Ledger gives you the critical information you need to make timely and informed business decisions.

The General Ledger module maintains current financial information, as well as transaction history and budget information for up to nine fiscal years. This module also allows a virtually unlimited number of accounts in the chart of accounts, each with up to 999 departments. The General Ledger module not only organizes all of your financial information from our other Sage BusinessWorks modules, it can also combine information from multiple companies into a single consolidation company for financial reports.

Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module for Sage BusinessWorks Accounting efficiently manages your company’s expenditures, saving you time and money. This advanced module stores, sorts, and organizes vendor information and transactions. The Accounts Payable module then uses the information to produce a wide range of reports, including graphical reports, which present you with three-dimensional representations of your purchase history and much more.

In addition, the Accounts Payable module saves you valuable time by dating your open invoices so you can easily discern how old they are, displaying the amount of cash needed to pay the invoices, and suggesting the best day to pay each invoice. You can also use Accounts Payable to take advantage of any early-payment discounts offered to your company. The module can be set up to make automated invoice payments prior to the discount expiration dates, saving you money.

Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Receivable

The Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Receivable module provides an efficient and reliable means of managing your entire receivables process. From credit management to sales analysis, this powerful module provides your organization with extensive information and reporting features to make quicker business decisions.

The Accounts Receivable module also provides an effective and organized system for maintaining customer information, and, in turn, can lead to improved customer service and profitability. The easy-to-use, yet comprehensive customer maintenance features allow you to maintain your customers’ e-mail addresses, bill-to and ship-to addresses, month and year-to-date totals, current balance, open credits, deposits, and last payment information. You will also be able to automatically prepare customer statements on demand. Plus, with a series of additional time-saving features and reporting options, the Accounts Receivable module streamlines your entire receivables process.

Sage BusinessWorks Cash Management

The Cash Management module for Sage BusinessWorks Accounting provides superior management capabilities for your company’s transaction processing and reconciliation needs. This module fully integrates with the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and General Ledger modules to offer a comprehensive accounting software solution. Additionally, Cash Management integrates with Sage Payroll Services for businesses that choose to outsource their payroll.

Among the most important timesaving features of the Cash Management module is its full bank reconciliation capabilities. This includes the ability to reconcile bank transactions to the General Ledger from the Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Accounts Payable applications with your organization’s bank statements. Cash Management is also capable of generating checks to payees not defined in Accounts Payable or Payroll.

Sage BusinessWorks Payroll

Preparing payroll by hand can be a tiresome and time-consuming task. By acquiring the power of the Sage BusinessWorks Payroll module, your in-house payroll tasks can be completed quickly and accurately.

At the core of the Payroll module is a database containing extensive employee information. This includes: pay rates, shifts, filing statuses, accrued vacation hours, sick hours, dates of hire, review dates, termination information, earnings totals, deductions, taxes, custom fields, a notepad, and more. Your accounting and human resources staff can quickly access this information and compile paychecks, W-2s and both federal and state government reports. The result is a cohesive, streamlined payroll system that frees up valuable time.