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Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90, 200, and 200 SQL) is a business management software which offers a broad range of modules designed to meet the many needs of your business.

While Sage 100 ERP primarily targets the manufacturing and wholesale distribution industry, it has many enhancements that make it suitable for other industries as well. Sage 100 Advanced ERP is ideal for multi-site businesses, and requires no additional remote access software.

It comes in versions Standard, Advanced, Premium, and Online ERP.

You can combine modules to build an ERP system optimized for your business. The resulting integrated system will be more powerful than the individual components. And as your business continues to grow, you can add Sage 100 ERP modules with confidence, knowing that your system is evolving and adapting as the best solution for your unique business needs.

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  • Accounting and Finance
  • Distribution
  • eCommerce
  • Resource and Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Business Intelligence and Integration Tools
  • Customer Relationship Management


Financials. At the heart of every Sage 100 Standard, Advanced, Premium, and Online ERP system are core accounting and
financial modules: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, and Fixed Assets.

Distribution. The management software combines the depth, functionality, and ease of use that the Sage 100 ERP distribution
solution gives you the power to cut costs, build profits, and improve customer service and loyalty.

Global eCommerce. eBusiness Web Services provides a powerful programming interface for integration with third-party applications and facilitates interoperability between disparate systems over the network, including the Internet.

Resource and Project Management. Sage 100 ERP offer a series of modules that can lead your company to increased efficiency and profitability.

Manufacturing. The Sage 100 ERP manufacturing modules provide detailed and accurate tracking and reporting throughout the
entire manufacturing process—from the supplier to the manufacturing floor through a sale.

Business Intelligence / Integration Tools. Designed to increase productivity and enhance functionality, these easy-to-use tools create an all-encompassing information management system for your business.

Customer Relationship Management. By adding a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to Sage 100 Standard, Advanced, and Premium ERP, your company can make significant strides in sales performance and customer service.

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