Referral Program

Our Ideal Client

Manufacturers and distributors with one or more slices of the vertical market. They recognize a need to implement a new solution for the problems of tracking and integrating all links in the supply chain, but they’re concerned about finding the best fit. Our clients don’t want to spend time learning an entirely new language just to make a business decision —  they’re looking for business information framed in business terms. They are looking for a long-term relationship with a company that understands their needs and provides ongoing training and support to meet them.

We only do business with a select group of clients so that we can develop a deep understanding of their business processes. Our goal is to develop strategic partnerships with our clients, developing support and solutions which are aligned with their long-term plans. We provide a free consultation to help determine if the company would be a good fit for MIS Technology — contact us for details.

Common Situations Where a Business Might Consider MIS Technology

  • Company is now selling globally and doesn’t have the processes to support it;
  • Challenges managing or forecasting cash flow;
  • Using Excel for reporting and it’s not working well;
  • Challenges rolling in acquisitions;
  • They seem to be doing everything in duplicate or triplicate;
  • Inventory challenges make businesses unprofitable and unprofessional;
  • Their accounting system is costing them money because they miss discounts, AR goes uncollected, etc.;
  • They are outgrowing their current system;
  • Many different systems are making it impossible to standardize information;
  • Their systems are so old they can’t find staffing to support it;
  • Challenges dealing with recalls and warrantee issues;
  • They don’t know where they are making money or losing it;
  • They want to make jobs more profitable;
  • Issues with consolidating multi-company books; and
  • They want to grow but need to do it without adding more people.

We Make It Easy To Refer Us

You may forward contact information via email, website, telephone or social media;

Or, pass along a business card from our marketing kit;

Or, forward our e-newsletter.

How We Handle Your Referral

  1. MIS Technology will immediately provide the requested information and propose a brief exploratory meeting where the referral can ask questions and get to know us.
  2. We will ask the referral if they would like you to attend the meeting.
  3. We will periodically update you on the status of the referral.


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