Our People

Here at MIS Technology, we’re proud to be part of a company with broad and deep roots. Many IT solution specialists function in a technology silo, never fully grasping the business environment in which those products must function, but we’re different. We (owners Marty and Susan Perez) have worked throughout the manufacturing spectrum, and we bring this broad base of knowledge to bear while building solutions for our clients. In creating MIS Technology, we instilled a deep commitment to ethical behavior in the company culture, recognizing that unethical practices do not build strong businesses.

Marty Perez

Sue Perez

Marty Perez has over twenty years’ experience as CFO and controller for manufacturing and distribution companies. When working with a vendor to better implement MAS90 (a product line MIS Technology now represents), he realized that there was a knowledge gap between his company and the vendors: while they understood the product, they didn’t grasp business processes well. Marty set out to close the gap by learning the product himself, from soup to nuts. His understanding of the system led to better implementation, and growth surged from $1 million to $10 million that year.

Susan Perez has always had a customer focus in her work, identifying their needs and developing both the solutions that fit and the training regimen to support success. While working for Affiliated Steam Equipment, a $25-million + distributor, she oversaw the implementation of a major accounting software solution. Her success inspired her to become a trainer and implementation consultant, and she uses her experience as a customer to focus her on results which work.

While a strong focus on results is key to MIS Technology’s success, our company is also committed to a high standard of ethical behavior. Marty was so passionate about MAS90 that he joined the vendor’s organization, but in time he realized that the business practices there were not in keeping with his ethical training as a controller and chief financial officer. We (Marty and Sue) met during this time, and decided to form a new company so that we could determine the culture and ensure highly ethical behavior. This has led to some tough decisions, including severing ties with partners who weren’t always up front with their customers. At MIS Technology, short-term gains are never made at the expense of long-term relationships.

The culture of customer commitment runs deep in MIS Technology. We’re committed to asking – and answering – the tough questions. Sue’s appreciation for the end user experience keeps the solutions relevant and useful; she understands that if a system is hard to understand or difficult to use, it won’t be used well. Marty’s financial training ensures that the clients of MIS have satisfied CFOs who understand how to access and use the data at their fingertips. We both have taken pains to make sure that our pricing practices and follow-through are honest, fair, and transparent. Because we each have business experience which is much broader than simple implementation, we know which questions to ask and which challenges are likely to crop up. The result is a much smoother process and much more satisfied customers.

Our solutions are created from that understanding, and are designed to solve real problems. Our customer-focused pricing model puts you in control of the process and ensures that you receive the value that you deserve. Our commitment is shown in the implementation, training, and support that we provide.