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MIS Technology demystifies IT solutions and support to make it both affordable and effective for smaller companies competing in the global marketplace. We can do this because we speak your language, and we don’t pretend otherwise.

Marty Perez
Sue Perez

Having a conversation with many solution providers can be challenging, because the buzzwords and jargon come fast and furious in the software development world. The language can become quite dense, and unfortunately quite a few developers and techs use it as a barrier to understanding. It can be very easy to hide behind acronyms and strange terms if you’re not sure of an answer, or you’re not good with people, or if you’re trying to pull a fast one. That’s not what you’re paying for, is it?

Here at MIS Technology we bridge the language barrier. We understand customer needs and business processes, and we understand how to match the right solutions to your company’s challenges. Our goal is to ensure that you understand what you’re asking for, and get all the value you expect and more out of the solutions we provide. We draw on many years of manufacturing and distribution experience to guide you through the process of implementing a new system, complete with training and ongoing support. You’ll always know what you’re paying for, and why, when you work with MIS Technology, because we stand by our commitments.

  • Assembly management to ensure that inventory meets demand without overreaching is within reach of smaller manufacturers through the integration of ordering, payroll, and inventory-management systems. Guesswork shouldn’t be the most important skill a business owner or CEO possesses.
  • Seeing the big picture, from product development through assembly and distribution, isn’t a pipe dream. Marty Perez has many years of CFO experience and he understands what your CFO needs to know to forecast and manage well.
  • Honest pricing comes part and parcel with MIS Technology, where our best customers were tired of being nickel-and-dimed to death by other vendors. We don’t believe you should be paying for buggy software, or for our time to fix things which aren’t performing as expected.
  • Seamless service of the system and training for its users allow you to focus on the business, not dwell on niggling problems that keep you from generating useful reports or perform tasks efficiently. We provide managed service and will be there for you 24/7, providing three times the coverage you could get by hiring an employee, and for a lower cost.

Our watchwords are education and commitment. We provide monthly training updates to our clients to help them make the best use of the tools we provide. We stand by our commitment to keep those tools fresh and relevant, to do so at the price we quoted, and to address problems faster and more effectively than any other provider in the market.