How to move Exchange 2010 mailbox database to another drive/partition

Method 1: Open Exchange Management Console In the console tree, navigate to Organization Configuration > Mailbox. In the result pane, on the Database Management tab, select the database you want to configure. In the work pane, click Move Database Path. In the Move Database Path wizard, under Database paths, click Move to move the database […]

How to reduce log size of SEP 12

The log file of Symantec Endpoint Protection can grow so large it can consume a whole disk space. Unless it is truncated, and regularly truncated. For Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 RU1 MP1, the following are the step to manually truncate the transaction log. Open the SEP Manager console. On the console, click Admin, then click […]

Using SBE 2010 R2 to Backup a Live Hyper-V Client

If you already have an SBE 2010 R2, you can already backup your live Hyper-V virtual machine (VM) clients without necessarily upgrading to SBE 2012. To do this, you will need an Agent for Microsoft Hyper-V for SBE 2010 R2. Assuming that you have installed this agent on your SBE 2010 R2, the steps below […]

SBE backup to a network share on a remote USB HDD

What to do when you want to back up to an external (USB) hard disk on a remote server inside your local network? SBE does not accept a mapped drive. You will need to access it as a network share.  Create a network share on the destination server’s external hard disk Create a folder on […]

What to do when a VM refuses to be deleted

You try to delete a VM client from the Hyper-V Manager, but it fails. It says: “An error occurred while attempting to delete the virtual machine”. What should you do? Open Events Viewer (Custom Views –> Roles –> Hyper-V). You will see a list of errors. Take note of the Virtual Machine ID of the […]

Live backup of virtual machines using Symantec Backup Exec 2012

Virtual machines (VMs) have become a boon with small businesses, even here in Metro Chicago. With VMs, small businesses are able to maximize limited IT budget to expand the computer systems supporting their businesses’ growth. As providers of managed IT services, we needed to find ways to backup not only the content of their VMs, […]

How to import contacts from an .NK2 file into Outlook 2010

Unlike Outlook 2002/2003/2007, Outlook 2010 no longer uses .NK2 files to cache email addresses for its AutoSuggest/AutoComplete feature. Instead, it now stores these addresses in a Suggested Contacts folder. When you upgrade to Outlook 2010, the .NK2 file is automatically imported when you start Outlook 2010 for the first time. However, when you will use […]

How to Configure FTP User Isolation in IIS 7.5 on Windows 2008 Server R2

This guide shows how to use the FTP User Isolation feature of IIS to control access privileges of FTP users. This guide also shows how to create and control access of two user types: domain user and local user. Requirements: IIS 7 must be installed on the Windows 2008 Server, and the Internet Information Services […]

Blocking users from sending and receiving external emails

There are times when a company requests us to block certain users from receiving or sending emails to external addresses, for various reasons. One of the ways to accomplish this, especially for our managed services, is by using transport rules. How to create a rule to block a user/group from sending emails outside of the […]